About Blackbird Inn


Built in 1902 as a residence and transformed in the late 1990s by master craftsman Scott Warren, Blackbird Inn embodies the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century. The Craftsman style was based on a more functional aesthetic, natural materials, and a greater degree of skilled craftsmanship than other styles of the time. The architects and designers believed that creating simpler, less pretentious buildings would result in a healthier, more comfortable, more relaxed and productive life.

Inspired by the famous Greene and Greene architects, the Blackbird Inn features a foundation of river rock, to tie it to into its natural surroundings. Massive porch columns and generous use of brick accent the stone and enhance the intentional rustic aesthetic. The building’s half timbering and exposed rafter tails are meant to show elements that would usually be hidden. The interior also embraces the Craftsman style, with a stone fireplace, exquisite use of fine woods, period lighting and fabrics. Warren assembled a team of local artisans whose attention to detail was as intense as his own — gingko leaves in the stained glass entry doors, and in the handmade lamps inside, are a nod to the gingko tree in the inn’s front yard. All of Blackbird Inn’s furniture was made by Warren; the project was a labor of love.


Blackbird Inn is located on the corner of Jefferson and 1st Streets in downtown Napa. The inn is just a quick walk from many enticing shops, tasting rooms, restaurants and the newly revitalized downtown Riverwalk, Oxbow district and West End area. For an interactive map, click here.